Price revision

In order to maintain and improve the quality, we will revise the price as follows.
We will continue to deliver safe products in the future.

Before the change : until December 31, 2021

220,000 yen
per target NZ governor

After the change : from January 1 , 2022

228,000 yen
per target NZ governor

For supporting safe and economical navigation.

Trade-in Program for Main Components

NZ Governor

For supporting safe and economical navigation.

Trade-in Program for Main Components

NZ Governor


TRADE-LINK is a service for safely and smoothly servicing marine engines at low prices.

  • Consultation and contract
    Advance delivery of link governor(*1)
  • Onboard replacement
    Return of the replaced governor
  • End of transaction

After the contract is signed, we send the link parts in advance, and offer the trade-in price when the replaced governor is returned.
The troublesome procedures and parts costs incurred by conventional repairs are reduced. Efficient vessel servicing is linked to safe navigation for customers.
(*1)Link Governor : Reconditioned Governor

Concerning governor servicing

Now that many instruments are electrically controlled, a stable power supply is essential for vessels.
Once trouble arises in the governor of a generator engine, it becomes impossible to control the engine rpm and load, thereby impeding navigation and loading/unloading, and the resulting costs and loss of confidence can impart major damage in terms of business management.

Ideally it is best to conduct servicing every two years or after roughly 8,000 hours, however, ...

  • MANAGEMENT COSTTroublesome
    procedures and management
  • DOWNTIME COSTDowntime arising from bringing the vessel governor onto land
  • MAINTENANCE COSTCost of parts for the replacement governor

Although these are vital components, replacing them can be a difficult hurdle high

With Yanmar Engineering's TRADE-LINK service

  1. The required procedures and management for

    replacement are kept to a minimum.

    Replacement scheduling is easy thanks to speedy delivery.
    Fixed-price trade-in provides peace of mind in cost terms too.

  1. Advance delivery of the link governor

    ensures zero downtime.

    With abundant varieties in stock, we can simultaneously provide four units per vessel.
    We ensure optimum service timing for the customer.

  1. Maintenance costs can be reduced through

    trading-in the replaced governor.

    By using the trade-in service, you can purchase parts at roughly half the price of a new governor.

Cost reduction and stable operation. We link these to maximization of lifecycle value.

For each applicable NZ governor: ¥228,000 (actual shipping cost)

Transaction Flow

  1. Application

  2. Confirmation of contract contents

  3. <Within 30 days following signing of contract>Link governor delivery (company→customer's specified location)

  4. <Within 45 days of delivering link governor> Return of used governor by the customer (customer→company)

  5. Invoice (amount after offsetting the trade-in price)

Completion of trade-in

(Depending on the condition of the governor, trade-in may not be possible in some cases. For details, see the DL materials.)

Reasons for Choosing TRADE-LINK

Yanmar Engineering Co., Ltd. conducts after-sale servicing including management, maintenance, repair, parts supply, etc. for Yanmar engines and generators installed in vessels in service, both in Japan and overseas. Precisely because we provide integrated services related to marine engines, we are able to realize replacement accompanied by parts trade-in and provide link parts.

  • Thorough quality checking

    Used governors are disassembled, washed, and reassembled after expendable parts, major parts, and other worn parts have been replaced with new parts; and only governors that have passed Yanmar quality checks are provided as link products.

  • Setup that enables stable supply

    We provide sure peace of mind through an established, high-level reconditioning technology and quality assurance setup. The stable supply of this service is realized because many Yanmar engines and generators are used all over the world.

  • Inclusion of replacement manual

    We offer thorough assistance for removal, installation, and adjustment of governors onboard vessels. Projected troubles in governor replacement work are prevented with the help of a replacement manual. We support the enhancement of work reliability.

A warranty is provided for six months after delivery

A secure service that only Yanmar Engineering can provide.

Together with our customers, we aim for maximum nautical peace of mind as well as safety and lifecycle value.

Merits of the NZ governor link provision service

  • Low-price

  • Replacement
    cost roughly

  • Six-month

  • Replacement
    with zero

  • Short-term

  • Replacement